Management Consultants


Our Management Consultants are energetic professionals who work with your organisation to achieve significant improvements in business processes.

Thinking while doing, creative, pragmatic, somewhat stubborn from our passion but above all: involved and result driven. Strong in making the translation between business and IT.

Listen, ask questions, analyze and realize. That is “making a difference”!


Our Management Consultancy is your partner for advice and implementations aimed at improving your business operations and operational processes.

Our assignments often involve improving business processes, optimizing the supply chain, selecting and implementing a new IT (ERP) system, outsourcing of activities and organizing business process.

Our consultants do not only advise, but go for the implementation. In doing so, we go further than transferring the project or the improvement. We are only ready when the improvement went actually live and is experienced by your organisation. Cooperation with your employees is essential to us.

We also go beyond the initial assignment. Our focus is not just the assignment, but taking an extra step for your organisation. Only if you are satisfied, our consultant is satisfied.

o achieve this we have an extensive toolbox within WeY. Most important tool? Common sense! Our consultants are especially at home:

  • Logistic processes
  • Operational processes and production logistics
  • Utilities

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