How do we work

HASPE Stables is a breeder and training Centre for dressage horses.

We focus on the breeding and training of dressage horses till the level of PSG – Inter I (LT) and compete with our horses till the level of Grand-Prix. 

We can help you in sourcing, training and taking care of your competition horse and let it grow and evolve to the highest level with a lot of attention on the wellbeing of the horse.

HASPE Stables can support you in finding the perfect horse for you  in Europe and taking into account your available budget. 

We can also support you in your visit in Europe for testing and trying in real life your potential horses.

We also have experience in organizing the transport within Europe but also world wide of your beloved horse.

HASPE Stables can also support you on side, all over the world, in the coaching of you and the training of your horse on a regular or occasional basis on-site but also remote.

We also  have the experience in organizing European Trainings camps.  Our accommodation has the possibility to stay over in our own studios, or in a hotel or B&B close to the stables. 

Organizing this over some weeks our months gives us the possibility to work closely together with you over a longer period in a close cooperation with you and your horse.   This will boost your career and experience as we have already proven in the past. 

Our stables are situated close to Antwerp and to Rotterdam so really in the center of Europe what gives you the possibility to combine your stay with some EU visits.

This training camp can be even extend to a longer European trainings visit with the possibility to participate in Belgian or Dutch competitions on all levels or, if applicable, to participate within Europe in CDI’s all over Europe. Also here is the Haspe Stables accommodation perfectly in the possibility to support you and our team will coach and support you all the way from airport to airport.

Have a look to the different pages on this site where you can get some ideas.  But more important contact us so we can, together, look for possibilities to build your future.

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