Training & competition

Breading and training from foals till GP level inclusive competitions if wanted or needed.

We have a lot of expertise in helping your horse in educating it to make the next step in his/her evolution.


Competition support

Organizing and supporting you in your next European travel and competition period.

From setting up an European training base to a longer European competition period with everything you need or desire

HAspe Crack C


Supporting and coaching you so you can reach your goals.  

This is not only focused on horse riding but everything around it to reach your goals

Inclusive in house training for people who want to focus a short or long time

our expertise

CAlm & animal friendly

the growth of rider and horse are crucial for embedded development and success. This can result in a longer road but an embedded one.

The correct Horse

As we are not focused on selling horses but on educating horses we can perfectly search for you the horse of your dreams. We even can (together with you) even let the horse grow that bit extra so it's a perfect fit together with you/

Full support

We do not only train or search your horse. We fully support you in your coaching but also in your evolution as a rider with mental- and physical coaching but also in competition support.

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