Supply Chain Bom Methodology and COVID start-up

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COVID-19 and crisis management for your business.

Yes, everybody is working on the short-term actions of COVID-19 in their business.  And YES we hope that everybody remains healthy.

But do not forget that in 2 to 12 months disasters will become huge in your company if you do not prepare yourselves now for the mid-long term. 

There will be a lot of companies who run less or start-up different than you. 

There will be companies with different or new employees due to travel restrictions etc.

There will be a lot of companies who find out that they have to invest in the supply chain but do not get money in from sales as there hasn’t been any for several months. Etc…..    

These issues do not only occur with your n-1 level, but also on the levels below (n-2, n-3, etc.) will this occur.  Especially on these hidden levels influence can be big on your surviving.

By using our “Supply Chain Bom” methodology you get a clear picture on the potential risks, mitigation plans and costs within the supply chain over the next months.  This means you can prepare yourself and your supply chain on this now!

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