Orage K for the first time in a 7yr CSI YH

This weekend was Orage-K active in the CSI @ Lier (Belgium) in the 7yr category. It was her first time on this level so we are happy with this round in the Final on Saturday.

As you have read is she for sale as we are focusing more on dressage than on show jumping. Feel free to contact if you are interested in this top mare.

RHINO risiko !

Door het grote risiko in verband met Rhino gaat Haspe dressage volledig in lock down. We moeten ons even verontschuldigen voor iedereen die op bezoek wil komen om één van onze paarden te bezichtigen dat dit niet mogelijk is voor het moment. Verdere communicatie volgt later.

Due to the great risk associated with Rhino, Haspe dressage is completely locked down. We have to apologize to anyone who wants to visit one of our horses that this is not possible for the moment. Further communication will follow later.