Asia Sourcing

 In the highly competitive global procurement landscape, it is a well-established fact that Haspe bvba presents unmatched purchasing opportunities for businesses across the world. However, companies trying hard to deal with Asia directly have discovered that there are many pitfalls and the cost savings they had thought of is oftentimes nowhere in sight. In fact, they end up fighting cultural differences and communication issues amongst  many other complications which may arise while they choose Asia as a low cost country sourcing option.

Experienced businessmen in China are insufficiently familiar with the Western way of conducting business and continue to follow traditional Chinese practices. Hence, it matters more to maintain a good relationship with a supplier than to draw up a detailed contract with all the latest terms and conditions in mind. These long-term relationships are also referred to as “Guanxi” and are extremely important to achieve business success. 

Haspe bvba is working with local people who on site can and will be controlling quality and collaboration with Europe.  We build up experience and have a big base of  automotive and other suppliers familiar with ISO/TS 16949 and ISO-900x companies


Value of China Sourcing Service

Developing a sourcing strategy is crucial to establish a process and also realize the expected benefits . Depending on your needs, you can choose a supplier development approach or even a more traditional competitive tender strategy. Either way, you will require the services of an experienced company for vendor selection and contracting. There are a number of non-price factors which will help drive your supplier selection decision and only an experienced Chinese based procurementservice provider can help evaluate all these factors. (quality, delivery, innovation,…). They will help convey the expected performance and service levels requirements of their clients to the suppliers while also updating the suppliers about the consequences of non compliance. They follow a disciplined approach so your relationship with Chinese suppliers can be structured for maximum benefits.


China Procurement – Make China Work for You

Businesses across the world believe that China is the world leader in cost-competitive manufacturing. However, global sourcing China can turn out to be problematic due to cultural barriers. Trying to conduct direct to manufacturer procurement in China  by your own from a distance is a probable recipe for frustration and failure. However, procurement companies can help you access solutions according to your specific needs. With the help of experts working for such companies, you can overcome the cultural and logistical complexities that seem to vex you. Streamline your purchasing process today and help your business deal effectively with the most common problems faced by others, i.e.: people training,development and retention in the sourcing country, global sourcing risks (quality, delivery, social responsibility), and cross-functional team work and collaboration between the  China procurement team and the key stakeholders in the home country


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