Welcome on the website of the Haspe Group. The Haspe group is a Belgian based company with a focus on 2 core environments

  • Supply Chain Consulting & Sourcing
  • Animal friendly Dressage Stable

Feel free to investigate what we can deliver for you in both environments.  Independent of your demands and whishes.   Customer service and fun are our key words. 


欢迎来到Haspe集团的网站。 Haspe集团是一家总部位于比利时的公司,专注于2个核心环境



随意调查我们可以在两种环境中为您提供的服务。 独立于您的要求和口哨。 客户服务和乐趣是我们的关键词。



The latest news on Haspe

Unbelievable !!!

The 5 year old mare Orage v/t Kattenheye who is educated by Dries Dekkers for the Haspe stables has started this weekend for her first time in an international CSI*** in Lier (Belgium) within the Lees meer…

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